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We'd like to bring you the unique dining experience on hibachi grills, delicious sushi dishes, and authentic Japanese cuisine.

We are open on July 4th.
We are hiring hibachi chefs. Please call (571) 229-9195 to apply.

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I rarely give out 5 stars, you have to REALLY impress me to make that happen, and Sumo has impressed me.

Jodi C. on Yelp

I am a big fan of teppanyaki, and have tried many places in northern VA. This, by far, is the best.

Shannon R. on Yelp

The food and service were fantastic. The cuts of fish were generous and very fresh. I will definitely go back.

L B. on Yelp

I wish I could give this place 10 stars!!! This is the best Sushi place in Virginia!!! Great prices, Excellent Service and Fabulous sushi!!! The sushi bar is a great place to sit and watch your sushi being made. They do such a great job, the pieces are not only large they are super fresh. I have never had a piece that was not a prefect 10. This is absolutely the best sushi place in Northern Virginia!!!

Julie G. on Yelp

Have eaten here several times and it is ALWAYS GREAT!
Service is outstanding, really very attentive. The fish always fresh! And rice is done just right.
My number ONE Sushi place in the area.

Terry B. on Google Review

Sumo is the best hibachi and sushi restaurant I've visited in the area. My family have been regular here for several years. The steak and seafood in my hibachi meal is always top-quality and delicious. Scallop and shrimps are in big portions. They tasted so good with Sumo's special sauces. My husband is also a big fan of their sushi. Sushi always tasted fresh.

Sheryl on Google Review

Everything on the dinner menu was delicious! The sushi was super fresh, and there were so many choices to pick from. Best hibachi hands down!

Ssmiles12 on Google Review

I cannot say more good things about this place. I frequent this establishment at least 4-6 times a month and I've NEVER been disappointed. It is the go-to place that I bring visiting guests to even though it is a 25 minute drive from my house. Actually.. We are headed out the door right now to enjoy their excellent food and hospitality. I highly recommend... You won't be disappointed! Enjoy...

Deliman31 on Google Review

My boyfriend and I had the most wonderful service and sushi saturday night! I am sometimes let down by the quality of sushi in some restaurants. This was outstanding! we will be going back

Laurie M. on Yelp

Everyone who loves sushi has their "go to" sushi bar. For me and the wife, that place is SUMO. I have dined here many times with my wife and family, sitting at both the hibachi grill and sushi bar. This is the spot where we typically celebrate family birthdays, etc.

Scott H. on Yelp

Sumo has great value in its high-quality food. My family have been here several times. And I can tell you that the generous portions of high-quality seafood and steak are well worthy the price. I wouldn't want to go to other seafood place to get tiny bits of shrimp or scallops. The left-over is enough for another dinner.

Makayla on Google Review

I was pleasantly surprised to find such a gem in Manassas. I ordered the dinner box: the salmon was tasty, as was the sushi. The tempura was good but not great. I suppose I was really impressed with the hospitality: they made me feel like a guest of honor. Id love to come back again if I'm in the area.

Darren G. on Yelp

I give this place five stars because it truly deserves it. I've been in Manassas for only three months now and this is the first place I've been to where I can honestly say, I really enjoyed it.
If you only visit one restaurant in all of Manassas, I would suggest this place. It's definitely on the pricier side but well worth it!! Go for lunch if you can't afford to spend $13-$20+ per entree on dinner. Everything tasted fresh, the decor was interesting and the service was beyond amazing.

Melissa E. on Yelp

Love this place for sushi!! The sushi chef is an extremely gracious man with good knife skills and a very generous spirit. Every time we've visited, he has treated us to some baked delights on the house. He also made us a few little salad bites complimentary as well. Prices are extremely reasonable, sushi is fresh and well made.

Katie C. on Yelp

I love this place. It's my new favorite sushi bar in town. Their prices are cheaper than the other Japanese/sushi restaurants in the area and the food is high quality.

Kristen E. on Yelp


Hibachi, or teppanyaki, literally means "pan-fried on a iron grill" in Japanese. Nowadays in Japanese steakhouses, a hibachi grill is placed in the middle of a U-shaped table, allowing up to ten guests to enjoy the cooking show performed by the teppanyaki chef at the same time.

Sitting right in front of grill lets all guests be where the action is: from flaming fire, erupting volcano made up of onion slices to juggling eggs in the air and chef's expert knife skills. The fun of this unique dining experience is unlimited.

Each entrée comes with soup, fresh salad with our special house dressing, generous portion of grilled fresh vegetables, grilled noodle and fried rice, and of course, generous portion of your choice of premium steak, seafood, or chicken.

At Sumo, there is much more. Everything from vegetables, rice, noodle, to your choice of seafood, steak, or chicken is cooked right in front of you. You can see the freshness and portion of ingredients and decide how chefs cook the hibachi meal to your specific liking simply by communicating with them on the spot.

As guests get to see everything in how chefs cook the meal from start to finish, they come to appreciate and praise the philosophy of open grills in the dining area.

When you visit Sumo, sit back and enjoy the show. A unique cooking performance is about to begin.



It's well known that sushi is a work of arts in food preparation and culinary that originated from Japan. It takes years of study for sushi chefs to master the arts and knowledge before they are recognized as professionals.

Sushi chefs turn pieces of fresh raw fish and seafood into a delicious dish with an elegant presentation. A full list of seafood ingredients that are prepared with sushi rice may be viewed on our Sushi a la carte Menu.

If the idea of eating raw fish bewilders you, start with sushi rolls first. Some of the popular rolls such as California rolls are among many new-comers' favorites. Be sure to check out our Special Rolls Menu. These special rolls are the creation of traditional Japanese sushi meeting modern taste. Once you've tried one of them, you wouldn't have the same opinion about sushi.

The key to delicious sushi is the freshness of the fish ingredients. At Sumo, we insist on the highest quality and freshness. Sushi is never pre-made and stored in refrigerator for re-sell here. Every order is made freshly to each guest's specific order. Fishes that are beyond their freshness date are discarded and never used in any food preparation.

We work hard to make sure that our guests taste the freshest and most delicious sushi in our restaurant. That is the reason our sushi menu is priced reasonably and not offered in an all-you-can-eat style.

For diners who would like to experience the true delicious taste of sushi, you are invited to come to Sumo to taste what our splendid sushi menu has to offer.


Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine is recognized by nutritionists as healthy diet. It is rich in carbohydrate and contains little fat; two important characteristics that help Japanese become the people who are expected to live the longest life. (Reported by United Nations World Population Prospects)

At Sumo, we bring authentic Japanese cuisine that retains the two healthy features to our guests with elegant presentation and tasteful flavors. Our Japanese cuisine menu offers healthy lunch and dinner bento boxes, stir-fried Japanese noodle (yakisoba), rich-flavored noodle soup (udon), and broiled eel rice bowl (unagi don) prepared by sushi chef.

Many guests here enjoy meals on our hibachi grills and sushi dishes from sushi bar, but more and more are coming here to savor the taste of Japan. Here is the place for co-workers to come during lunch time to grab a healthy bento box at an affordable price; for couples and friends to enjoy meal time at a casual and relaxed pace.


About Sumo Experience

Our background

Sumo Japanese Steakhouse came to Manaport Plaza in Manassas and opened its door for diners who have been enjoyed hibachi-grill dining and sushi and for those who are new to Japanese cuisine. Chefs of Sumo have more than 15 years of teppanyaki and sushi experience. With their knowledge of Japanese steakhouse tradition and passion for Japanese cuisine, Sumo has aimed to offer top-quality steak and seafood on hibachi grills, freshest and delicious sushi dishes, and authentic and healthy Japanese cuisine to diners in the area, ever since the first day of opening its door.

Our focus

At Sumo, we have been always focusing on using only the freshest and top-quality ingredients to bring the most delicious meal to our guests. Diners can easily tell the high quality and generous portion of their choice of hibachi meal of seafood, steak, and chicken, as chefs grill them right before eyes of our guests. We believe the quality of ingredients that we order from food vendors can never be compromised for our delicious hibachi meal. From lobster, scallop, shrimps, salmon, to filet mignon and steak, we only order the premium choice and offer them in generous portion on the grills. Our steak is tender and seafood is juicy for this reason.

One thing that cannot be overlooked on the hibachi grill is the special steak and seafood sauces that are unique to only Japanese steakhouses. These special sauces not only enhance the flavor of hibachi meals, but also make Japanese steakhouses incomparable to other styles of steakhouses. At Sumo, the ginger sauce for steak and yum-yum sauce for seafood are made in house by our experienced chefs. These sauces are exclusive to Sumo and never too sweet or too salty. This originality, including our house-made sesame salad dressing and miso soup, is part of the reason we make the dining experience here so unique.

To offer the most delicious sushi dishes, we have made it our clear goal to use the only freshest fish and seafood from our vendors. Our sushi menu is made up of extensive list of fish, seafood, and Chesapeake crab meat. With vendors' deliveries made as frequently as twice or three times a week, the freshness of ingredients has made our traditional sushi menu and modern special rolls menu so delicious on the looks and in the mouths.

Japanese cuisine has long been noted for its healthy diet and rich flavor. We bring the authentic Japanese cuisine to our diners with the retained health benefit and same flavor. Whether you're coming to grab a healthy bento box or try some fresh tastes of Japan, come on in to try something new and fresh.

Who to bring to sumo

Our restaurant was constructed with new hibachi grill tops, new wood table tops, and clean decoration with a theme of Japanese traditional wrestler (our name "Sumo"). We offer fine dining in a casual and relaxed environment. The unique cooking performance on hibachi grills has always been a great fun for family, groups of friends, and anyone who wants something different from the same old steak and seafood brought out from kitchen. Fun starts on our grills as kids enjoy the flaming fire and chefs' performance. Everyone appreciates how fresh the hibachi meal is as it is literally fresh "right out of grill".

You can join the entertainment on our grill, or if you prefer, try something made specifically to your order from our sushi bar or enjoy a little privacy on our dining tables. Guests have been coming to Sumo for any special events such as birthday, anniversary, dates, and parties, or whenever you are hungry for something fresh and new from your tradition ideal of dining experience. Please call restaurant at 571.229.9195 to make a reservation.

Bring your date, family, or friends to celebrate an unforgettable birthday or anniversary at Sumo. We will add a choice of ice cream, cheesecake, or pineapple boat for free to your meal. Our staff will capture a moment of your celebration with camera.

Sumo experience

We call all of these, including unique cooking performance on hibachi grills, top quality of steak and seafood, true originality of special house-made sauces, delicious sushi made specifically on your order and exclusively with freshest fish and seafood ingredients, authentic Japanese cuisine, experienced chefs, and friendly servers, "Sumo experience". Sumo management has put so much effort to make it a great experience. Leave a review and let us know how we are doing.

Gas is turned on at our hibachi grills. Come on in and start enjoying your own Sumo dining experience!




Mon-Fri 11:30 am - 2 pm


Mon-Thur 4:30 pm - 10 pm
Fri 4:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Sat 2 pm - 10:30 pm
Sun 12 pm - 9 pm


8359 Sudley Road, Manassas, VA 20109
(in Manaport Plaza shopping center, across from Manassas Mall)

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To make reservations or inquiry about private parties and events, please call restaurant to speak with manager. It is fastest way of contact.

Tel  571.229.9195



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